ABV: 8% | IBU: 60 | Small Batch

Hazy Bastard V.6


Our sixth batch in the Hazy Bastard: Haze Craze series is brewed with Summer, Waiiti, and Trident. It’s also the first Hazy Bastard variant to focus on a few different wheat malt varieties. We use a fluffy bed of raw wheat, white wheat and red wheat along with flaked oats to complete the multi-wheat malt bill. A touch of biscuit malt rounds out the flavor and gives a touch of an orange hue to hazy delight.

Expect notes of Tropical Rainforest, Candies Passionfruit, Lemon-Lime Citrus Zest and Stone Fruits galore—all making for an experience worthy of the Bastard name. Get it before we drink it all!

In order to enjoy to this beer the way our brewers intended, please store cold and drink immediately.