Citrus Plunge IPA

Our Citrus Plunge IPA is fresh off the Blue Point innovation line. Loaded with orange blossom honey and fresh blood oranges, this crisp India Pale Ale packs a juicy punch. Our brewers hand-zested orange peel for an added sweetness that complements the blend of citrusy hops. Trust us – you’ll want to take the plunge with this brew.

ABV: 6.5 IBU: 60 OG: 1.045 Availability: March - September

Available in Firkin - Check it out!

Beach Plum Gose

Beach Plum Gose is our Blue Point twist on a traditional German sour ale. We brew this kettle sour with beach plums indigenous to the shores of Long Island for a unique tartness and add North Atlantic seaweed and locally cultivated sea salt for a savory finish. This Gose stays true to its style’s German roots and its brewers’ Long Island roots - so it’s a little salty yet approachable, just like us.

ABV: 4.1 IBU: 3 OG: 1.077 Availability: January - September

Available in Firkin - Check it out!

Prop Stopper Seaweed IPA

That’s right, we brewed a seaweed beer. But don’t jump ship just yet — this is a big, American IPA. The seaweed adds a slightly salty finish to cut through the hops’ bitterness and cleanse your palate after each sip so you can continue to enjoy this 7.7% dry-hopped IPA.

ABV: 7.7 IBU: 60 OG: Availability: Small Batch

Available in Firkin - Check it out!

Macho Muchacho Mexican-Style Lager

Macho Muchacho is our Blue Point twist on the light-bodied Mexican beer traditionally served with a lime. We brewed a crisp, light Lager and took care of the flavor additions for you. You’re welcome.

Our Mexican-style Lager is infused with agave nectar and a touch of local Amagansett sea salt for enhanced and brightened flavor. We finished it off with the zest of fresh limes for an added clean finish. From your first flavorful sip, you’ll see why Macho Muchacho is nacho average Mexican-style brew.

ABV: 5.5 IBU: 25 OG: 1.050 Availability: May - August

Available in Firkin - Check it out!

Blueberry Brewed Tonic

This is a Blue Point brewing experiment gone refreshingly right. We started by carbon filtering our famous Long Island water. It’s brewed just like any of our other beers except we use Belgian Rock Candi to form the alcohol rather than malt—so it’s naturally gluten free. It’s flavored with just a hint of natural Blueberry flavor for a subtle sweetness and a lively berry aroma. This crisp clean tonic drinks like a sparkling water but with a deceptive 5% ABV. It can be enjoyed straight out of the can or become your new staple ingredient in your bar for Brewed Tonic cocktails.

ABV: 5.0 IBU: OG: Availability: Year-Round

Available in Firkin - Check it out!

Honey Robber Nitro Cream Ale

Blooming with a clean malt flavor and just a sting of honey, our Honey Robber Nitro Cream Ale is boasts a creamy mouthfeel and medium body. This brew features slight citrus floral notes from the addition of honey and a blend of 3 hops. Brewed with 6 different cereal grains, this take on the classic American style features honey “robbed” from mid-west beekeepers for our Long Island recipe. Honey Robber has a unique warm golden color that is our way of saying “hello” to Spring.

ABV: 5.5 IBU: 25 OG: 1.052 Availability: April - August

Available in Firkin - Check it out!

Armchair Nitro Stout

A craft spin on an Irish Stout with a luscious, roasty character derived from 4 different dark malts. English and American hops are balanced out with nitrogenation, making for a creamy delight.

ABV: 4.4 IBU: 28 OG: 1.051 Availability: September - March

Available in Firkin - Check it out!