Where we’re from, the people are a different breed. Long Islanders want more than the status quo, they want you to skip the bullshit and give it to them straight. Yeah, we’ve got humble beginnings, but that’s just who we are. Hell, our founders tapped Blue Point’s very first keg in a parking lot.

At Blue Point, we brew beer that stands up to Long Island’s standards. We know it’s good, they know it’s good, and if someone disagrees, fuck ‘em. We first and foremost brew beer that we want to drink. If there’s some leftover, we’ll sell it.

Blue Point Brewing Company is a Long Island-based brewery innovating with the best the East Coast has to offer. The boatyard brewery’s coastal ties have always connected us with oysters and other ingredients native to our Long Island roots. We use these to inspire our award-winning portfolio, including our flagship World Beer Cup-winning Toasted Lager. This American Amber Lager leads our innovative lineup that showcases our passion for beer in every recipe, barrel and pint. 

Since our brewers wouldn’t let us give them makeovers – they’re very protective of their beards – we decided to put our efforts behind our packaging.

We’re excited to unveil our new Blue Point logo – the first update since we started our brewery back in 1998. Our goal was to freshen our identity by drawing inspiration from our coastal heritage and the culture surrounding Blue Point Brewing Company. The new design respects elements present in the original logo while showcasing our trademark buoy that has always anchored our identity—a symbol of freedom and exploration that leads you out of the Patchogue River and then guides you back home from adventure. The weathered coastal elements of the logo maintain a strong sense of Long Island as a subtle callout to our hometown of Patchogue, NY. 

The hand-touched artistry and detail equates to human passion and care that we put into our craft of brewing. This artistry and detail will be a primary focus as we continue to update our packaging across our lineup of beers. Stay tuned for the unveiling of new packaging designs as we continue to align the brand with the evolution of Blue Point.